Stockholm Couture.



If you have a vision.

We will take your vision and work with you in developing your product. Our innovation projects digs deep, all the way from intelligent textiles to "dragon-rabbit" furs.

Small or big projects, we can help you. 

Just say the word and we will tailor the way forward.

so what do we mean by "innovation" 

Our speciality is material science and creative cutting. With a skillset both as tailors, sculptors, textile engineers, furriers and silver smiths we can create new materials and shapes upon any demand. 



Imagine you have a vision that you want to realize, perhaps a dragon queen from the southern seas traveling on her dragon beyond the ice wall - into the white winter landscape. 

The questions you would ask us is: 

"-What would she wear to keep warm?"

"-Would you be able to create a new dimension of animal fur, like a dragon-rabbit?"


We would start our magic process

To create you the most magnificent dragon-rabbit collection the world of man has ever seen. 

You will follow the process and guide us through the vision as it develops while the new creation is rising. Look at our innovation service as an extension of your vision in the hands of us. Like a multi-tool...

As simple as that. 


Or perhaps your vision is something else?

When innovation becomes a design >>